Nancy Stella Galianos


The Artist


Painting is an important and exciting part of my life. I have been involved in the arts from a very early age. I explored various subject matters with different mediums, and finally discovered the world of abstract expressionism. Exploring and practicing unexpected gestures on canvas gave me the opportunity to express my true feelings with my impulses in an unpredictable way.

I extend my colors on the canvas to reveal my emotions in a spontaneous way, “automatically”, without thought and preparation. I like to use the pure basic colors and refined lines, creating forms and shapes with space. By experimenting with colors to create light; I therefore, open myself to flow, gestures and force from all my active strength of body.

The canvas then becomes a dance floor, with rhythmic movements of either a knife or a brush, the gestures of my strokes along with the acrylic paint becomes a dance; For each different canvas it is an exhilarating adventure that ends with a musical display of colors. My canvas becomes then a magical place where color leads the brush in an unexpected sway.



Nancy Gallianos

Nancy Stella Galianos is a self-taught artist born in Montreal to Greek Canadian parents. Through her contemporary and abstract expression, she conveys a repertoire of emotions through her sensitivities of the colors and brushstrokes that she applies on her canvases.

Her interest in drawing and painting was stimulated at an early age while she spent her childhood and her adolescence in the urban atmosphere of New Jersey. Influenced and encouraged by her art teachers, her creative vision is nourished by the diversity of her experiences.

Back in Quebec in the late ’60s, Nancy participated in various art workshops at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. A few years later, she completes her studies in Studio Art at Concordia University. Later she studies Communications at the University of Montreal and then starts a career in various business environments. Combined with trips to Europe and South America, both her experience in business and international trips enriches her culture and sensitivity and gives essence to her art.

Retired since 2010, Nancy is fully dedicated to create, in a constant renewal, a universe of a dynamic interpretation of different images with defiant bold colors and strokes, which are expressed via an elixir of emotions and energy. The birth of her art becomes a passionate adventure that becomes a constant effervescent evolution.

Still today, Nancy regularly attends art workshops.


About the Artist

The abstract expressionistic paintings of Canadian artist Nancy Stella Galianos are characterized as much by her bold use of color and brushstroke as by her free-flowing forms. Colors are used with great intention, expanding the compositional elements exponentially by adding a depth of meaning to the work. Here, red conveys passion, yellow warmth and comfort, purple spirituality, blue peace, white purity, and pink unconditional and sensual love. The ways in which Galianos wields these colors is entirely instinctive, painting with movement in various forms and letting her brush or palette knife determine the way the colors are spread and the forms emerge across the canvas.

What makes Galianos’ work so dynamic is the way that she constantly explores new combinations of colors and forms within the two dimensional confines of each piece. She masterfully combines elements of light, color, and movement to create an array of shapes and impressions on the canvas. Using pure basic colors and refined lines, she creates forms and shapes that are entirely free and full of light. For Galianos, there are no chromatic boundaries. Instead, colors work to create emotive explosions on the page, imbuing each of her works with meaning and the sense of layers of complexity. In Galianos’ creative process, both music and poetry play a pivotal role. The artist herself explains that “When I paint, I listen to music and then it becomes a spiritual adventure and dance, a connection between peace, balance, and harmony”. In this way, her art is able to intersect and interact with the emotions the viewer already feels, hopefully transporting the audience to another dimension of space and time where they can experience an uplifting sense of inspiration - “a place where emotions profoundly touches the soul”.

Editorial Board – Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY

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